On a hill, looking beyond the burn

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“Barn’s burnt down.


I can see the moon.”

Masahide (1657-1723)

This poem from the 17th Century Japanese Samurai and Poet MizutaMasahidehas always been powerful to me. There is wisdom, or at least staying power, in the belief that what you see beyond tragedy or difficulty is what you must focus on.

During this year of unprecedented (at least in recorded history) wildfires in Northern California (and elsewhere), this is not to offer a simple answer to those who suffered and are suffering from loss and life and family, jobs and, in some cases, hope.

But what the universe brings, in a small amount of time, in unexpected ways, can be uplifting and inspiring.

img_8531The Creek Fire wasn’t the big one in Shasta County in 2018, and wasn’t the big one in the state, but when it burned from June 24 to July 15, it was a warning…

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