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Why? I’m stoked to be back in SoCal working as a correspondent for California Life (seen all over the state), teaching journalism at Cypress College and covering as many great stories as I possibly can. That means, I want to inspire young journalists, artists, actors, broadcasters, creative types…. or just friends or people in general, with the silly story about the ordinary career of yours truly and some advice (take it or leave it!) if you’re interested in pursuing this thingy.

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Brent Weber looks at Angels five game season to close out late run for MLB playoffs in 2015


A seven game win streak for the Angels erased a 7-game deficit the Angels had on the playoffs when they entered September. It’s now come down to one against the A’s  and four in Texas.

Angels take 5th straight with 3-2 win over Mariners to stay in post-season hunt


Always great to get to the ballpark, and I’ve seen a few bizarre season finishes in Anaheim.  Maybe this will be one of those shocking final stretches – in a good way – as the Angels continue to play improved team baseball despite the injuries (closer Huston Street is the latest) that have challenged them to pencil in a regular lineup, top to bottom and on the pitching staff.

If they pull this off, it’l be one of Mike Scioscia’s best career managing jobs.

Angels salvage Freeway Series win, is it enough to spark a playoff run?


Though this post didn’t originally get posted here when it was complete, and two dismal losses after three straight wins – starting here – have really soured the feelings, you will find my one-man band recap/post of the Angels Freeway Series finale 3-2 win over the Dodgers on September 9 by clicking below. It was great to run into some old friends, including Eric Geller, Glenn Diamond, Ben Platt, Mark Meyers, Rick Honeycutt and others.

Angels Step up to the Plate to Help OC Food Bank

Brent Weber:

A little baseball… a little giving back…. a fun look at the Angels and Second Harvest Food Bank in OC.

Originally posted on Postcards from The Web:

Here’s my latest piece for “California Life with Heather Dawson”

Angels Step up to the Plate to Help OC Food Bank.

Click the photo to see the story.

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As seen on California Life: Alyvia Lind goes from Young and Restless & Blended to Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s half century rise from Tennessee farm girl to entertainment icon has truly been a “rags to riches” story. And now the little girl who once wore a coat made of fabric squares sewed by her mother has found the little girl to play the part in an upcoming biopic, “Coat of Many Colors” on NBC.


The film is set in 1955, and the actress selected to play the 9-year-old Parton is Alyvia Lind. Though only born in 2007, Lind is already a veteran of the screen, appearing in several television shows including 70 episodes on The Young and The Restless. She recently appeared as Adam Sandler’s daughter in the film “Blended”, also starring one-time child actress Drew Barrymore.


“This is so cool, I’m like still in shock,” Lind said. “I can’t wait to play a little one of this,” Lind said as she pointed at Parton, who had just surprised her with the news.


Parton is Executive Producer on the project, and felt a special connection to the actress when she saw her audition. “The second I saw her I felt her,” said Parton. “I just felt that little spark, that little light, that little life she had inside of her.”


“She’s a great little actress, too,” Parton said. “I was extremely impressed.”

The daughter of actress Barbara Alyn Woods (One Tree Hill) and producer John Lind (Soul Surfer) is the youngest of three acting sisters. Alyvia has already started polishing dolly’s characteristic Tennessee twang.


“The southern accent took not that long because I was born in North Carolina, so I had a little bit of it at first,” said Lind, who started in the business at age two. “Some of the words I didn’t know completely, because I didn’t speak for a long time like that. But actually, it wasn’t that hard.”


The actual “Coat of Many Colors” that inspired the 1971 hit song and the movie title still exists, and is on display in the Chasing Rainbows museum at Parton’s Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


No release date has been announced for the NBC movie, which began production in 2015.


NOTE: The YouTube upload to California Life HDs YouTube channel was “captioned” by computer. Thus, my name (and quite a bit of the captioning) is spelled wrong by the computer – Brian instead of Brent – in the captioning. Ain’t life humbling? They’ll get it right, with all the supers and courtesies, when the story airs.