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Brent Weber, author of “The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist”,  has worked as a sportscaster, play-by-play voice, artist, writer and producer for more than forty years. As a former CNN Anchor and Reporter, Brent won a Cable Ace Award for his work as west coast correspondent, numerous AP awards and local Emmy nominations. He is working on several projects, including a reboot of Action Figures, while also teaching at the college level and developing the podcast “Scorecard Scribblings”. Of course, he remains, as you will find below, best defined as simply a “storyteller”.

I have always struggled with self-definition.

When working as a sportscaster and newscaster, I want people to know there is more to me. But it is a job I am proud of, and do to the best of my ability. Being a journalist is important. When sharing my experience with students as a teacher or mentor, I always want them to realize there is more to ALL of us than a single title. Over my life I have been father (the best of all combined), student (better now than I once was), teacher (hopefully always improving),  journalist (which I have always taken seriously and now more than ever want to see the craft carried on), artist (generally with the gifts of my eyes and heart), writer (generally with the gifts of my mind and heart), an adventurer (be it urban or wilderness), son and brother.  What fits me best, I hope, is storyteller.

Born November 19, 1961 (or so I am told) in Champaign, Illinois to two tenacious and giving parents, the fourth of very intelligent children who all grew to become unique and inspiring adults, we moved to Ohio in my youth and then to Tucker, Georgia (Atlanta, per se) where my memories really begin. At the time we would have been best described as Yanks by the Deep Southerners and it was difficult at times for my parents, I would guess, to fit in to a part of the country that was not as “progressive” as other regions were in the late 60s.

Schooled in Tucker, then Georgia State University in Atlanta, my passions were baseball and talking. Play-by-play on the radio and local TV and interning at CNN came first, working as a music DJ and partying were second, school third. Unfortunate, because I love the opportunity to learn. A highly functional and overactive ADD kid, I remain so as a man.

As an undergrad, I just wasn’t able to hold my focus on the classroom, and was lucky my teachers worked with my schedule to find success. Georgia State University was where I embarked on a storytelling career with limitless energy and enthusiasm and very little in the way of a “throttle” for it all. I interned at CNN Sports from the day they went on the air through my college years and a bit beyond. Worked every sports/news journalism job I could get during those times,  (something that has been my M.O. ever since).

From Atlanta, to Dalton, to Atlanta, to Macon, to Chattanooga, back to Atlanta with CNN. I was married to my high school sweetheart Shelley in 1982, graduated college in 1983 and witnessed the birth of my daughter Nicole in 1987. There was a divorce after that, followed by a committment to being the best father possible every day since. There have been both missteps and good fortune along the way.  Much of these trials can be found in my book The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist, published in 2002 and released in a second edition in 2015 (an e-book on Amazon  as well.)

After a decade and a half in Southern California, I relocated in 2007 to the middle of the country and Oklahoma City, and enjoyed many terrific opportunities. The first, anchoring and helping to build a local morning TV news show from scratch. Then the universe brought the Thunder to OKC, and I was able to work covering the NBA on a daily basis again as sideline reporter, feature reporter and magazine show host. What a great opportunity to reacquaint myself with my first passion – live game sports – and be a part of such a special thing for a community. I was able to follow the stint with the Thunder by completing my Masters in Journalism at the University of Oklahoma. During this time, I produced the full-length documentary, Real Live Angels, about a summer camp for special needs individuals. I’m grateful the little zero budget film earned Honorable Mention in the Santa Monica Indpendent Film Festival, no small feat considering the competition.

I enjoy teaching and working with young people, and have worked as a professor at Cypress Community College, the University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Auburn University and Chapman University. My students at OU claimed many local and national honors for OU Nightly and the ground-breaking SoonerSports Pad. I have been honored to serve on many regional and national panels for journalists and educators, and was part of a media exchange program that sent me along with other professionals and educators to Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013.

I thrive on the live broadcast excitement and energy which I’ve experienced as a news anchor, sports anchor and when working for the likes of CNN, OCN, Thunder, FSN/Prime Ticket and others. And I hope to be able to channel my experience and skills towards such goals in the future.

In 2016, I worked as Managing Editor and evening news anchor at KRCR in Redding, California, enabling me to then take over as play-by-play voice and media person for the Redding Colt 45s collegiate summer league baseball. I returned to play-by-play doing HS football games, and also began producing the interview based podcast “Scorecard Scribblings”.  The outbreak of COVID and the health of my family led to another relocation, this time to the sports-crazy city of Omaha, Nebraska. This is where I plan to base the remainder of my career. In the future I will travel to meet people – and tell their stories with video and the written word.

Expect me to grow old, perhaps be a grandfather and smile to my final breath – which I predict will come some time around 2151, A.D. Give or take a few decades.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, on LinkedIn, my blogs scorecardscribblings.com and postcardsfromtheweb.com, realliveangelsmovie.com, my podcast Scorecard Scribblings and of course back at the web-site you may have just come from, weber-creative.com.


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  1. I’m trying to find other WordPress bloggers who follow OU. Your blog came up on a “Sooners” search, so hey, I’m following. When you get a chance, check out my blog, I’VE SEEN THINGS. I blog about OU and movie reviews … and growing up in Oklahoma. …. http://tommycummings.wordpress.com/

    1. Brent Weber says:

      Thanks Tommy. I look forward to reading your stuff. I currently blog at scorecardscribblings.com and at brentweber.wordpress.com , the first more geared towards my sports journalism career (where you’ll find more OU stuff since I am currently teaching there) and the other, Postcards From The Web, has some movie and theatre reviews and stuff like that.

  2. Neutral Zone says:

    Brent, nice site and great writing on Oklahoma sports. Would you be interested in blogging with another site as well at intheneutralzone.com? We are a fairly new site and already getting over 100,000 hits per month so it would be a good way to get more exposure for your site as well. Oklahoma football and basketball would be a great addition. If you are interested give us a write back at intheneutralzone@yahoo.com

    1. Brent Weber says:

      Thanks for the email. I’ll be in touch.

  3. alitterell3 says:

    Hello, first off I enjoy your blog. Secondly I am a college student at the University of Central Oklahoma and I am in a blogging class at school. I also am runnin a sports blog and for class as well as my blog I was wondering if maybe I coul send you some questions via email or any way about blogging?

    1. Brent Weber says:

      I apologize it took so long to respond. Thanks for the kind words and glad you check it out. Feel free to send me an email at brent@weber-creative.com .

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