My life since MLK died

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I remember my mother crying. I remember her sadness. It was unlike anything I had ever sensed before. She was in disbelief. She was frightened. She was shaken.

When you are six years old, you remember the first time your rock is shaken. That’s my first recollection of my rock, my mom, being shaken. I know now she loved who Martin Luther King Jr. was. I know now that she believed the things he believed in. I know now, she was a woman from the North, raising four kids (along with my hard-working dad) in the South at a time when many old, opposing values still existed. She was an outsider in terms of social thought. She wasn’t like many of the old white southerners in Tucker, Georgia who lived in the town we moved to a few years earlier.

Now, I can look at the history of the day…

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Rose Bowl moments: no matter the sport, memories of magic

Brent Weber CNN/SI Rose Bowl Stand-upAs I work on a reboot of the book The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist, it’s been fun to look back at some of the moments I’ve been able to witness and chronicle in my career. While working on the West Coast for a decade and a half, starting with a great stint as a reporter for CNN Sports and including fun runs at Orange County Newschannel and Fox Sports West, I had some amazing stories to cover. There was the World Cup soccer final, won by Brazil, and the work leading up to the championship. Later, I was on the field when Brandi Chastain did her P-K magic as the US women topped China in the World Cup in 1999. There were “everyday” games and stories that were not as memorable. Part of that is the crowded nature of my old noggin.

And then there were the college football Rose Bowls we were able to cover. Some times, when you are a field reporter for a large organization, you do the leg work, pre-game interviews, etc., but you don’t actually get to cover the game itself. Certainly that was the case a few times with CNN, but who could complain? One season I didn’t get to cover the game, for example, but I did get to cover the media event at the Playboy Mansion. Tough assignment.

There were two great games, in particular, I recall. Penn State played for a “mythical national championship” to close out a perfect 1994 season on New Year’s Day 1995 with a 38-20 win over Oregon in front of more than 102,000. They didn’t top the polls that year, but those were the days before the BCS and the playoffs.

A couple of years later I had the chance to watch one of the most enjoyable games I’ve seen – as Arizona State and Ohio State battled down to the wire to close out the 1996 season. The Buckeyes spoiled ASU’s run at a perfect season, winning on a last minute TD 20-17.

Here are some of these stories, including the pre-game materials and some post. I don’t have all that coverage in my personal archives, and since this all pre-dated the explosion of the Internet, well… Yes, I am old.

Glad to see in 2015 the beauty and majesty of the Rose Bowl game hasn’t been diminished by this year’s Oregon-FSU inaugural NCAA DI semi-final. The magic was already alive in the roses.



Call it a Thunder re-Serge-ence in game three win over Spurs

Serge Ibaka answered the call, and his teammates responded by showing up like they didn’t in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals against San Antonio.

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Thunder and K-D in postseason Sports Talk on KOSU

I sit down with Michael Cross at KOSU-FM In Oklahoma every week and talk sports. The segment airs Wednesday morning but you can hear an extended version at KOSU.