Prepping for LA Marathon – but not as a runner…

So, maybe next year. I have done a few half marathons and love to compete with myself and have challenges, but never had the marathon on my  list of “to dos”, mainly because I respect too much the dedication it takes to compete safely in one.

But this week I have been working with some friends as part of the IMG team preparing for the KTLA live telecast of the 2016 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday, February 14 starting at 6:00 am with pre-race. It has been inspiring to see and hear some of the stories that will be highlighted during the telecast, and it has made me rethink that I might want to try and do one of those big ole bad boys before too many more years pass.

One of the stories I wanted to share isn’t actually part of the LA Marathon, but I found it on their website when doing some research. It was about Chris Herren, who is not running LA but did run Boston, a guy I did a few stories on back when he was trying to beat addiction as a college student. It took him some time, and he tore a lot of hearts up along the way to sobriety, but eventually Chris got it right and has become an amazing voice about the hells of heroin. The stories I did with Herren? I actually don’t have any copies of them.  That was before this fancy Internet thing took off and we kept stories on big videotapes. But if I can find an article I wrote for the new CNN website – one of the first to ever appear there, – I will share it with you down the road here on the blog. For now, here’s a story I found on the LA Marathon website by the folks at Runners World. Good luck to all who run the race tomorrow – and who choose to run the race of life every day!




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