Sportscasting entrepreneurship, Girly Locker Room style

a pro's gear bag
a pro’s gear bag – note the shoes

I’ve  been around quite a few locker rooms, and have witnessed more than three decades of change in the way sports are covered. Women in the broadcast journalism world is old news – thank God – because those pioneer battles were fought long ago. Today, I work more frequently with young journalists who just happen to be women, and I tell them there are more opportunities than ever for them in broadcast, but that they must be both one-person-bands AND entrepreneurs. That goes for men and women. Read my book for a couple bucks for more on my thoughts.

So I love it when I see a young talent hustling like the founder of the sports website/brand “Girly Locker Room”, Jackie James. I don’t know how solid she is as a reporter or storyteller because her body of work is still small, but am stoked by what she does after a glance through her site and watching her interview LA KISS owner and rock and roll legend Gene Simmons at a recent AFL game, She has guts, energy and a positive vibe. She digs the game, and to me, the game is the thing. Even if it’s not traditional football – who cares. The fans loved it and she was there to share the energy. I am instantly a fan of this young sportscaster.

Girly Locker Room's Jackie James with LA Kiss co-owner Gene Simmons, August 8, 2015 at Honda Center in Anaheim, California.
Girly Locker Room’s Jackie James with LA Kiss co-owner Gene Simmons, August 8, 2015 at Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

So I chatted her up when I saw her gear bag, including a solid Canon X HD cam, outstanding lights and mikes, great logo and the fact she was doing it all her self. Not one, but TWO tripods. One for live streaming and tweeting (she had my butt kicked on that!) and another for more traditional recording of the interviews, footage, etc.

What I loved most, though, was that she looked gorgeous (it is part of the broadcast/visual media game, people) and she was ready to drop the high heels and get dirty.

Check out her quick change photo at the top of this post – so she could drop the heels and go to the flats (which she was wearing) and get the job done. I want all of my students – male and female – to drop their vanity from the ankles down and always be prepared to wear the shoes you need to hustle, even if you need to stash them in your Louis Vitton bag.

Very few of us – even old dogs like me – have the luxury of just standing there and looking good while others do the work. Quite yer bitching and roll up your sleeves. Digital space is “cheap”, so you can shoot as many standup as you need of yourself. Don’t miss a shot of footage because you’re too worried someone will laugh at your shoes.

Kudos to the Girly Locker Room. See you at the next game!

From Girly Locker Room's Facebook page
From Girly Locker Room’s Facebook page

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  1. Brent Weber says:

    Jackie posted the following update on a link to one of her social media pages. I LOVE this info! You go Girly Locker Room!

    “Fun article written by our new friend, Brent Weber. Great to meet you too, Brent, and happy to help your female students – definitely recommend the change of shoes and staying relevant in social media. Which I should clarify – my other tripod was for Facebook live viewers, not Periscope. Gene was quite unique, as you were able to see, so we didn’t have the opportunity to live stream his interview we did post some of the game ;)”

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