Listening in on the best: Students “review” Al Michaels, Bob Costas interviews from Dan Patrick Show

Auburn JRN 2310 Section 003

As one of the final assignments for the Fall semester at Auburn, reporting students were asked to listen to one of the nation’s most popular and respected sports journalism entities, The Dan Patrick Show, and write an “essay” of what they heard from Patrick’s November 24, 2014 interviews with Al Michaels and Bob Costas. While this is a “news” reporting course, many of the students are focused on careers in sports. Either way, as an instructor I felt this was a good opportunity to expose them to some deeper thoughts about the impact of a storied sports career through these interviews. Granted, I have a great respect for the three men mentioned above. As a sports journalist, I consider myself of the same generation as DP and, while I’m sure no one remembers, I have met all three of these guys throughout my career at some point. Theirs is not…

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