On a dreary winter day, dream what it must be like to be Kelly Slater

OK, I’ve covered this dude as an athlete over the years and he’s always been a consummate pro and world champion performer. So maybe I live vicariously these days since my longboard is in mothballs in Oklahoma.  But let’s just say for those of you who wonder who is the greatest athlete on planet earth of my generation? I give you Kelly Slater. The dialogue needs to be changed. It’s time to call Michael Jordan the Kelly Slater of basketball.

Now 41, Robert Kelly Slater makes taking a left at Sunset Beach look like a breeze. Uhhhh, it isn’t. Thanks for the stoke on this cloudy chilly winter day… and thanks GoPro for the look-see.

By the way, if you like surfing, one of my favorite sites is surfersvillage.com and it’s where I saw this one.


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