Cowboys problems aren’t on the sideline, Big 12 Football is like NASCAR, and an Oklahoma WS Connection

This week on Sports Talk on KOSU-FM, we touched on a few topics hanging around, starting with the Big 12 football race for the remaining teams in it (OU, OSU, Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor). I likened it to the NASCAR sprint. Just check out the remaining schedules and see if you think it’s realistic OSU and OU will play for the Big 12 title at the end of the regular season. I can’t see Baylor or Texas making it to the final week with just one loss, and if the Oklahoma teams sweep the Bears… I could see Texas losing twice or three times.

Baylor (4-0): vs OU Nov. 7 in Waco, TX; vs TX Tech Nov. 16 in Arlington; vs OSU Nov. 23 in Stillwater; vs TCU Nov. 30 in Fort Worth; vs Texas Dec. 07 in Waco

Texas (4-0): vs Kansas Nov. 2 in Austin; vs W Va. Nov. 9 in Morgantown, WV;  vs OSU Nov.16 in Austin; vs Tx. Tech Nov. 28 in Austin; vs Baylor Dec. 7 in Waco

Oklahoma (4-1): vs Baylor Nov. 7 in Waco, TX; vs Iowa State Nov. 16 in Norman; vs Kansas State Nov. 23 in Manhattan, KS; vs OSU Dec. 7 in Stillwater

Texas Tech (4-1): vs OSU Nov. 2 Lubbock, TX; vs Kansas State Nov. 9 in Lubbock; vs Baylor Nov. 16 in Arlington; vs. Texas Nov. 28 in Austin

Oklahoma State (3-1): vs Texas Tech Nov. 2 Lubbock, TX; vs Kansas Nov 9 in Stillwater; vs Texas Nov. 16 in Austin, TX; vs Baylor Nov. 23 in Stillwater; vs OU Dec. 7 in Stillwater

This weekend, OSU can earn a spot on the front row, if not the pole position for the sprint with a win…

We also talked Dallas Cowboys football, and one of the most disturbing finishes to a game any fan can endure. Detroit QB Matthew Stafford was an NFL signal caller playing against a CFL secondary. The Cowboys were down to Taxi-squaders in the cover positions, and Stafford and Calvin Johnson just ate them alive. It wasn’t Dez Bryant’s silly showing up of his teammates on TV that hurt this team; but they had better find some cover talent in a hurry. Good news Cowboys fans: Demarco Murray’s return and your team plays in the most disappointing division in the NFL this season.

The World Series features a great story about Oklahoma, specifically Stillwater/OSU connections between John Farrell, the Red Sox manager, and one of the Cardinals studs, Matt Holliday. I won’t take credit for the story, so I advise you to go the Cards website if you want to read it and hear a Matt Holliday interview on the subject. Here  is also one of many articles on the subject. 

The NBA season starts tonight – sorry to say don’t expect the Thunder to start 2 and 0 on the road… but they will be home against a poor Suns team SUnday night.

Michael Cross and I talk sports on Wednesday mornings on KOSU-FM in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and you can hear this week’s segment here on 


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