Dreaming of waves? Surf the web to the ISA World Surfing Games in Panama


After doing some yard work in the middle of the landlocked world, I went through my emails and saw where I wanted to be: Panama. A press release reminded me that the ISA (International Surfing Association) world championship event was wrapping up near Santa Catalina, Panama. I tuned in, mirrored my computer to the Apple TV in the living room, and watched men and women from all over the world finish the team surf competition. It was a terrific visual event – extremely well-produced – and if you’ve never been to a surf contest, it captured the patience, power and passion required to succeed in this sport. I had the chance to cover many tournaments and pro surfing events in my career while living in California.

The women’s individual world champ comes from Australia, Dimity Stoyle. Claiming the men’s championship, from South Africa, Shaoun Joubert. But this is a team contest – and the coveted 2013 Reef ISA World Surfing Games team title…

9th place Venezuela

8th Chile

7th Argentina

6th Costa Rica

5th Panama

4th Brazil

3rd Peru

2nd Australia

and the champs are…

South Africa

I’ve  been out of the surfing contest loop for some time, so I have no idea why the US and Hawaii, France and Portugal aren’t there (had to be politics, at least in the world of surf politics!)…  The contest was still a blast to watch and you should check it out on replay on their website.

I think I need to grab my board and head towards the gulf this summer – the closest waves I can find!


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