Nadia Comaneci honored by the Annie Oakley Society in Norman

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Like millions – if not billions of people – I first “met” Nadia Comaneci when the pigtailed Romanian took over the Olympic stage and redefined women’s gymnastics. Her ferocity, her focus, her tenacity – her tender age – left the world in wonder, and certainly left people assuming that her life could never be as good as it was then.

Fast forward to when I first met Nadia, in 2007 or 2008, at the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame ceremonies in Oklahoma City where Diane and I sat with Nadia and Bart and friends at the event which the couple (Bart Conner and Nadia) have helped to not only prop up but build into a world recognized event. This is some of what Nadia does now.

She also  raises a beautiful boy, Dylan. She commands her business. She builds hospitals. She walks in the room and she inspires her teammates…

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