Brent once was a Globetrotter on OCN Sports Talk

OK, technically, I know I wasn’t a Globetrotter. But at the Orange County Newschannel in L-A we used to do a nightly half hour (at times one hour) live television sports program five nights a week. We got a lot of great guests because our studios were just down from the Pond – now known by another name – the arena where the Ducks play. Disney, of course, is nearby, too. Plus we were seen throughout OC and in a good bit of LA, too.

Any way, we cooked up a fun show to tape – figuring it would be a good replay (and it was). We invited four of the best high school women’s basketball players form the area, in uniform, and had them challenge the Globetrotters, Sweet Lou Dunbar, Zazu Bird, Orlando Antigua and – they needed a fourth – yours truly. We played four on four… and for a while, the girls really took it to the Globetrotters (plus me). That’s when things got serious.Yes, I was nailed with a no-look pass right between the eyes by Zazu. Yes, we had a little fun. Should I say an awful lot of fun.

Thanks to my producer and sports director Eric Geller, photographer Tim Kimball and the Trotters – not to mention the viewers. This was fun to go back and watch. Too bad OCN went off the air September 8, 2001.



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