When the NHL Lockout Ended

With the most recent work stoppage in pro sports coming to a close, I am reminded of the time I covered the NHL lockout ending back in the early 1990s. I was working at CNN as west coast correspondent, the greatest gig ever, and when the word came down the Kings took to the ice right away. We went to the Great Western Forum for practice and some interviews, but little did I know some players – bruiser Marty McSorley specifically – were none too happy with the media’s coverage of the lockout. It seems he felt as though all of us were referring to it as a “strike”, putting the blame on the players as opposed to the owners. I, of course, never did say such a thing, but Marty nearly knocked my block off. Ironically, the likes of Kelly Hrudey and Gretzky had to step in and save the day, although I’m sure my producer would have loved it if McSorley had whipped my butt. What you see at the link here is the story we did that day. Sadly, somehow, the fans and the sport of hockey have had three of these things now. I hope the fans enjoy the next ten years of labor peace.


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