Stoops On NCAA Championship Playoffs

Here’s OU’s release re: Head Coach position on NCAA football playoff.

University of Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops offered the following comment on the college football postseason format that will begin in 2014.

“We are allowing the best teams in the country to determine a national champion on the football field, and as a coach, that’s what you want. Our student-athletes, our universities, college football and the fans are all winners in this new playoff format. I’ve long advocated the many positives of maintaining the bowl system as part of the postseason. I’m very pleased that student-athletes competing for a national championship will still get to enjoy the rich part of college football’s tradition that is that week-long bowl experience. To me, this decision further enhances the importance of our regular season games, and is good for college football and our student-athletes all the way around.”


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  1. Sean Breslin says:

    I think this only hurts football powerhouses like Oklahoma. In the old system, if they took care of business and won the games on their schedule, they got the chance to play for a national title — no questions asked. Now, they’ll have to win an extra game to get that opportunity.

    1. Brent Weber says:

      I hear what you are saying, Sean.
      I think what you will see is some of the schools scheduling away from the big non-conference revenue games if they are in a strong conference. They’ll use the conference standing as their “go to” argument for a national title. But no one knows yet how the “committee” will truly work. I agree with Dan Patrick who says coaches (ie: the coaches poll) should not take part. Mainly because so few of them actually ever vote in the coaches polls themselves any way.

      At the end of the day, people want to talk about their teams and there will always be those who say “we could beat them head to head.” That’s the fun part about rooting for a team. However, finding a great system for college football means making things even less “academic” and even more” professional”. I’m a fan of the underdog – but think the powerhouses will still be there at the end of the day because the NCAA is about revenue for their members and big money programs sell n the playoffs in terms of TV ratings, etc. Nobody in advertising wants an NCAA football championship with four teams from bumble-junk USA in an underdog playoff. As a fan, I would love it but expect the same type of match-ups we had under the BCS, only with another couple of games.

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