Back to Action! Posting of Action Figures TV Episodes

Can you believe it’s been more than a decade since we produced the TV Sports Talk show “Action Figures” on the beaches of Huntington, Doheny and Newport. That first season included so many memorable episodes. Yes, we hit some snags with production – but no, I’ve never given up the dream of doing this show forever – and producing more seasons. These are the athletes, artists and musicians who make life fun. I miss the beach – so why not cue up some classic Action Figures!

The program originally aired in LA on KVMDTV and yes, we did it despite a robbery wiping out my business right in the middle of production. The possibiites were endless – and so many great dudes and dudettes really stepped up and nailed it. I hope you enjoy these episodes… starting with numero uno, featuring volleyball great Misty May (now Misty May-Treanor), pro surfer Danny Nichols (who stepped in for Joel Tudor who was a no-show), the surf band The Reventlos and artist Joshua Serafin, who taught me a ot about art and like all these guys and gals is and was an inspiration.

Also – Mr. Earl Byers, whose voice you hear on the intro…Bamboo Ben, Crazy Al and so many more folks who made it happen.


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