Hans Rey Continues To Roll For Life!

I met Hans Rey many years ago when I was anchoring at the Orange County Newschannel. What he does on a bike has been extreme since long before the X Games, and what he does with his charity work in developing countries has always been inspiring. Below you can find some info about Wheels4Life. Roll on Hans!

The Wheels 4 Life / Crank Brothers DREAMBIKE auction is currently live. Please help us promote this wonderful promotion.

This weeks DREAMBIKE is a GT Distortion (L) bike, all the money raised from the eBay auction will benefit Hans Rey’s Wheels 4 Life non-profit charity.

The DREAMBIKE project consists of 13 custom-built bicycles. The goal is to raise enough money with the sales of these DREAMBIKES to buy Wheels 4 Life 500 bicycles for people in need of transportation in Developing Countries.

Link to the auction (4 days left):


Link to the Crank Brothers Dreambike website:


Link to the Wheels 4 Life website:



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