Watching The US Open of Surfing While Sitting In Oklahoma

As I sat in Oklahoma City and watched the 2011 US Open of Surfing live from Huntington Beach via both my iPhone and the internet, I decided to look back at the good days. This story from the 2005 US Open was a feature element of the show I created/hosted and produced “Action Figures”. One of the toughest parts of watching it was seeing the champ that year, Andy Irons, who passed away this past year and was one of the most powerful, versatile watermen I have ever seen. I shot and edited this feature, which is introduced by my friend the very talented Rana Townend.
Ironically, Rob Machado is seen on the wave in this video, and I listened to him today calling the action on the internet. The funny thing is, Kelly Slater, ten time world champion, had claimed just one US Open of Surfing until the old guy did it this year, surfing, dare I say it, even better than he did in 2005.



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