Playing Baseball With The Fellas!

I have to be honest… if I had the chance to play a little baseball with these guys, what a blast it would be!
Imagine the chatter in the dugout? The ragging between teammates! (“Yo, Bono, get a haircut!””Get a theory, Einstein! You look like you just stuck your finger in the socket of relativity!””Weber – what in the HELL are you doing here?””President Obama… spend a little extra time in the cage with Lincoln, would ya? He has some tips on sitting back and swinging for the fences!”)
Who would have the weirdest “lucky habit”? (Like tapping a lucky bat, scratching a you-know-what, wearing a certain t-shirt or whatever?)
Who would be the toughest on the umpires? (Abe, keeping ’em honest?)
If Bono was on the hill, could anyone hit his high pitch? Or would he have a problem with the other lineup “walk(ing) on”?
President O-Dog had a rough first-half, but like Dan Uggla of the Braves is really looking to turn it around and live up to the hype in the second-half.
And yours truly? You know I would want to catch all nine innings of every game and would smile every minute of it!
Here’s the VIDEO!


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