Where My Career Began: A Southern Twang And A Love For the Game

Back in the spring of 1980, my freshman year at Georgia State University in Atlanta, it became apparent I wouldn’t be much of a DI baseball player. So I decided to get to doing what I wanted to do all my life, play-by-play. This is from my days at WRAS-FM Radio, Album 88. Every sportscaster (most any way) says this is what it’s about for them, and I’ve been lucky over the years, calling a combined number of about 700 games in all sports. I’d rather be doing it today than anything, but those jobs are still tough to come by. WSB-TV Producer Bob Giordano and reporter Knox Nunnely came out and did this little feature piece on me back in the days, and I wish I could live them all over again. Love the accent, right? Sorry about the quality – it’s from an old 3/4 inch tape. And yes, I still have my lucky red sweatshirt.

For more anecdotes, please bookmark this blog as I continue to work on updates to THE SPORTS GUY: SCORECARD SCRIBBLINGS FROM AN ORDINARY JOURNALIST. Second edition is due this summer. You can find out more about the first edition at www.weber-creative.com .


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