Call it a Thunder re-Serge-ence in game three win over Spurs

Serge Ibaka answered the call, and his teammates responded by showing up like they didn’t in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals against San Antonio.

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Thunder win decisive game seven over Grizzlies 120-109

Kevin Durant smiled and admitted he was motivated by criticism of his poor shooting earlier in the series, and Russell Westbrook basked in the glow of a remarkable triple-double, as the OKC Thunder advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs with a 120-109 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. the Thunder will open the NBA Western Conference Semifinals at home against the LA Clippers Monday night.

Lighten up Thunder fans, the edge is back

(This is an update of the post at 5:33 pm on Friday May 2)

Hopefully, the Thunder won’t see this as a reason to get too cocky, but boy… things just eased up a bit in the paint. Zach Randolph has been suspended by the league for game seven for his punch thrown at Steven Adams in game 6 in Memphis.

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Game six in Memphis was the fog lifting for this season. The NBA’s most versatile roster budged, the pieces fell into place and OKC clicked for a twenty point win in Memphis, not an easy task for anyone.

Now it’s to a decisive game seven in this opening round series Saturday night, and across the board veterans we heard from after Friday’s practice in OKC not only said the right things, but let their guards down and SAID what we needed to hear.
Kendrick Perkins spoke about K-D reaching out to him after game 5 for advice. Perk and Caron Butler talked about the power of a team meeting prior to game six.

Butler spoke of his enthusiasm for being a member of a team with winning expectations, but also praised the professionalism of Thabo Sefolosha, the man he replaced in the starting lineup this week.

And the matchup? OKC finally answered as individuals and a coaching staff and Memphis simply wore down. The Griz played four of the best games in their history to take OKC to the wall. But all great teams answer, as do great players.

Play the percentages – and the Thunder will win game seven at home.
Clippers? Warriors? They have answers for those teams. As long as the players do their jobs from whistle to whistle Saturday night against Memphis.

Brent Weber

Photo courtesy inside thunder

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Thunder fans filling it up

Here’s a pretty cool look from my buddy Jeremy at showing a time lapse of Thunder fans filling Chesapeake Energy Arena last week.
Just go to this link or visit the above link to his blog.